How to Draw a KOP (2018)

How to Draw a KOP is an artistic intervention in environmental policy and analysis. I ask groups of people to draw as I read from a landfill’s environmental impact report, specifically from its chapter on aesthetics or ‘Visual Resources’. Markers and paper are passed out, and participants are prompted to draw as the words from the report are read. The report describes several ‘key observation points’ with language that relies on European pictorial landscape conventions: foreground, middleground, and background, and qualities of ‘vividness’, ‘intactness’, and ‘unity’. At the end of each description the scenes are also rated as high, moderate, or low visual quality.

Participants are given the short time it takes to read the text slowly, making the drawings gestural expressions of landscape and points of view. All of the drawings above are of the same view point (KOP 6) in the rural canyon north of Los Angeles, CA.



See Key Observation Point for connecting project.